Top 5 Ideas: DIY Laptop Stand for Desk

Laptop stands are the best tools to elevate your laptop and make it comfortable for your eyes and body posture.

Fancy laptop stands can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 depending upon the quality and features you choose.

However, if you think that laptop stands are not worth it, then you have landed at the right place.

Today, we will guide you on how to make a Do-It-Yourself laptop stand for your desk.

A desk laptop stand has to elevate the height but not with much margin. You just need a little elevation along with comfortability.

A DIY laptop stands for desk can be built out of the stuff residing inside your storeroom or garage.

To make a beautiful DIY laptop stand, you can use the napkin holder, wine corks, paper towels, and whatnot.

There are thousands of laptop stands available in the market, and you will be surprised to know that you can make a similar stand by following our comprehensive tutorials.

Let’s dive deep into the process.

5 Ways of DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk No. 1: The Cardboard Laptop Elevator

You can create the first DIY laptop stand for desk with ease. Some glue, cardboard, a ruler and a pen are the only items you will need.

These stands are particularly great for students in the class who want their desktops to be at eye level.

The structure is simple, but you can find great ways to make them stand out with just a little creativity.


  • Cardboard
  • Measuring and cutting tools
  • And some basic stuff

Process: First of all, measure the height of your laptop screen. The best way to measure the height is to look upon the specs sheet of your laptop.

It must include the height and weight information on it. The second thing you have to note down is the height of the stand. In our case, it was around 4 inches.

The next thing you have to do is measure and cut out the laptop stand’s legs.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

Cut down the legs in the same ways as shown in the image below. Cutting the cardboard in this shape won’t be very difficult.

However, you have to make sure that you cut both legs equally and to do this, you have first to cut one leg and then use the leg and trace the cardboard with it, then cut it out.

The next part is about assembly. You have to cut them into medium-sized slots so the legs can be perfectly latched together.

Make sure you only cut the legs halfway down in the middle of the leg’s bottom.

Next, you can simply assemble the legs by latching them together, and your cardboard stand is complete, which is highly portable.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

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DIY Laptop Stand For Desk No. 2: Elevated Plywood Stand

The second DIY laptop stands for desk has the same shape, and you can disassemble it into 2 pieces.

The stand is the same as the previous one, but we will be making this one with the plywood material as plywood material is way more durable than cardboard.

The cardboard stand may tear out easily, and it is also a bit flimsy, but plywood stands are a perfect choice for your heavy laptop.

This one is the same as the previous one, but the plywood version of the stand will last you more.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk


  • Plywood
  • Measuring and Cutting tools

Process: First of all, note down the weight and height of your laptop to identify how big a laptop stand you should make from the plywood.

The bigger your laptop size will be, the bigger plywood you will need.

First of all, cut the plywood into 2 pieces. You can cut both the plywood pieces according to your laptop weight, and the ideal height should be around 4-5 inches, as it will be a DIY laptop stand for desk.

Next, measure and cut out the laptop stand’s legs in the shape you can see in the cardboard stand images.

You can use the same shape and design. However, you may need to use different tools to cut down the plywood material.

Moreover, it is very difficult to cut out both legs of the same size, so take proper measurements before proceeding.

The next step is to cut out the legs from the middle and latch them together.

Cut down the complementary slots of the legs from halfway down and in the middle of the leg.

You can cut out the slot by 1/2 height and 1/4 wide. Now, assemble the stand and use it.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk No. 3: Angled Laptop Stand for desk & bed

The third one is a little bit more complicated as it can be adjusted at different angles.

However, with our guide, it’s no more difficult to make one.

This stand is especially good if you are lying in bed or crouching and want to browse, type, and especially if you want to watch movies at an elevated height.

Moreover, if you will use this stand on the desk, this stand can elevate the laptop much more than any other stand as it is highly adjustable.

It is suitable for those who have a small desk and want to increase their laptop screen height.


●  Wood strip 0.75 x 1.75 inches x 6 ft.

●  Hard Board, MDF Board, etc.

●  2 knobs attached to the bolts or screws

●  2 big washers

●  2 short wooden screws for the lip

●  4 small nails

●  4 medium-sized screws for the legs

●  Power drill

●  A Circular saw, or a hand saw

●  Sander is optional

Process: First of all, you have to cut all the legs down into 4 pieces. You have to get the 0.75 x 1.75 inches x 6 ft. stick.

The measurements in this stand aren’t really important. Cut down the stick into 4 pieces and round the corners by sanding them up.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

You can do a better sanding job if you want to have a clean and professional look. For us, this was just enough.

You can use the circular saw to round the edges, but a hand saw can get the job done. But it will be messy.

Next, you have to drill the holes into the sticks. You have to make pair of 2 sticks and drill them down so it would be much easier.

Make sure the holes are aligned and you the holding the drill vertically. For more clarity, check out the image below.

After that, as shown in the image. You have to install the legs hardware. First, put the socket/anchor in and a small nail via holes, so it doesn’t turn.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

Make sure to have a snugly fit. After that, put in the knob via washer and place it from the opposite direction into the anchor.

Repeat the same steps for the second pair as well. And then you will have 2 working joints.

Some hardware which we have used in this stand is very difficult to find.

For instance, we have used block knobs and screws, which are rare to find, but you can find them in online stores. Further, these can be found in big hardware stores.

Next, you have to take out the hardboard or the MDF board and cut it off in an 11-inch strip.

You have to make the tray. Measurements can be adjusted according to your laptop as well.

Repeat the step and cut 2 more small strips of hardboard. These will be installed as the lip.

Make sure to keep them straight and nail them down. Use short screws and put them on both sides of the lip.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

You will now have the 2 legs working with joints and the tray along with the lip.

Now, take the legs and line them up with the tray.

You have to drill the holes at the marked places. Check out the image for more information.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

Now that your laptop stand is ready. You can customize it in your own style.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk No. 4: The Mettalic Laptop Elevator


1.   Metal mesh holder

2.  1 small block of rubber

3.   1 roll of anti-slip baffles or shelf liner

4.  Utility blade

5.   A ruler

6.  Glue fun

7.   And double-sided tape


To start with:

1.   Cut out the 2 blocks of rubber into 2 pieces by using the utility blade.

2.  Bend the metal mesh so that the long sides can be flattened down.

3.   Flip the mesh upside down to make it sit on the desk.

4.  Use the glue gun and glue each corner of the metal mesh to prevent the laptop falling off.

For the next step, we have to use the anti-slip strips on the mesh holder so that our laptop can sit stable on the stand.

It is the easiest step. just cut off the 3 bands of anti-slip strips anywhere around 1 to 2 inches wide.

Next, stick the strip on one side with the double-sided tape and stick it to the edge of the document holder. This will prevent your laptop from being scratched.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

Finally, your metallic laptop stand should look like the one shown in the image above when you are done.

Now, we would not advise you to customize this one. As if you block the mesh part, it will not be good for your laptop’s health.

We have used a mesh holder to keep the laptop cool down. Else we could have used a metal board, etc.

To make it a more advanced laptop stand, you can add a laptop cooling fan downside the stand if it has enough space.

Similarly, you can add RGB lighting to give it a more professional look.

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DIY Laptop Stand For Desk No. 5: Static Wooden Laptop Stand

The no. 5 on our list is a static wooden laptop stand. We have named it a static stand as it cannot be adjusted at different angles.

This stand can come in handy when you are using your laptop by placing it on multiple books, which can be dangerous as your laptop can fall off.

To prevent this, you can make this basic laptop stand, which can be made within 1 hour.


●  Miter Saw

●  Wood

●  Sander

●  Flat metal corner braces

●  Wood glue

●  Nail gun or hammer

●  1 1/4 inch nails

●  A stain of your choice

Process: To start, cut the wooden board by using the mitre saw. Cut them off in 1×4 and 1×3 sizes.

Next, you have to attach the first board to the side. Please take out the boards and attach them so that the 1 x 3-inch board is attached to the 1 x 4-inch board at the right angle.

You have to use wood glue and some finished nails to connect them. Make sure there is no space left in between the stand, as it can destroy the laptop stand’s professional look.

Next, you have to attach the rest of the slats to the boards. To do this, you have to layout and attach the rest of the 1 x 3 inches board with 3/4 inches spacing between them.

A tip for you would be to use a scrap 3/4 inches thick board to get the best spacing every time you attach them.

Next, you have to attach the other end of the board. To do this, attach the second 1 x 4-inch board to the other end of the 1 x 3 inches board using wood glue and finish nails.

Your DIY laptop stands for desk is almost completed at this stage, but you have to perform some optional steps so that your laptop stand lasts long and looks professional on the desk.

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

The next step is the use the stain of paint of your choice. You can paint the stand and finish off your job.

But before painting the laptop stand, make sure to sand it to get the best possible texture on it.

We painted out the stand with a coral wood stain and added some colour to it to look clean and professional.

Moreover, we added more details to it by adding the metal corner braces, which are optional.

Your desk will look a lot more cleaner and clutter-free with this stand.

The best part about this stand is that it has space under it which can be used to store some books, keyboard, mouse, and other such accessories, which are generally on our desk.

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