Guide: How to buy headphone stands?

How To Buy Headphone Stands?

Getting a good headphone for yourself in the pandemic era can be very helpful. While working from home,

headphones can help you during zoom meetings, taking calls, or tuning music.

But you will probably keep your headphones lying on the desk when the work is over.

Or the headphone may be tossed into a drawer where they may get damaged as well.

Well, it’s time to act as a professional and invest in a proper headphone stand.

Here are some ideas on how you can keep your desk clean and clutter-free by getting a new headphone stand.

How to buy Headphone Stands?

It’s not a big deal to keep the desk clean, and clutter-free allows you to work with a better attitude.

In this situation, the headphone stand can help you out and do wonders.

The Headphone stand will help to rest the headphone while you are not using them,

and the headphone stand can even charge your headphones and other gadgets, while the device is not in use.

The headset and controller holder looks beautiful and delicate, making you feel like a professional who can do some real work.

The headphone and controller stands are pretty affordable and can be bought online or offline.

Many headphone stands are available in the market and choosing the right one would be a little tricky.

So here is the guide on How to buy headphones stands depending upon your budget and usage, have a look.

How to buy an Aluminum Headphone Stands?

Best Aluminum Headphone Stands

Build Quality:

There is a wide variety of headphone stands in the market, and the aluminum headphone stand is one of them.

These headphone stands are built well. Most of them are entirely made up of high-quality aluminum.


The aluminum headphone stands are available in different shapes and sizes,

and most of them will have rubber padding at the feet to make keep them stable at the desk.


Most headphone stands, including aluminum headphones,

contain a USB or charging hub where you can charge your device and connect your PC or laptop to transfer data.

Furthermore, these headphones have an AUX port where you can connect your headphone and listen to music, take calls, and more.


When it comes to design, most aluminum headphone stand comes in Black and Gray colors. You will rarely find aluminum headphone stand in White color options.

The aluminum headphone stand has a minimal look and elegant design.

Cable Management:

For cable management, aluminum headphones are considered to be the best. These headphones have cable management features,

unlike wooden or plastic headphone stands. You can mount extra cables at the back of the stand and make your desk look clean and clutter-free.

Other features:

The aluminum headphone stands contain some foam-like material where your headphone’s headrest will rest.

Some of them can even damage your headphone’s headrest, so make sure to get a headphone stand with a good quality hanger.

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How to buy Headphone Charging Stands?

Best Headphone charging stand

The charging headphone stands are no different from a standard headphone stand. Most of the headphone stands contain charging features.

You can charge the headphones and other gadgets while they are resting on the stand.

Fast Charging:

There are various types of headphone stands for charging. Some even have fast charging, but we would advise you to use a stand with standard charging.

While fast charging will not damage the battery of your gadgets, but it can drastically reduce the battery health of your headphones and other devices.

Wireless Charging:

These Headphone stands can charge your headphones and other devices wirelessly, but these are pretty expensive.

Also, make sure that your headphone supports wireless charging before buying a headphone stand with wireless charging.

Overnight charging:

You can leave your headphones over the headphone stand for overnight charging as well, and it will not damage the battery in any manner.

Charge Multiple Devices:

If you invest in a good headphone stand, it will most likely charge multiple devices at once.

However, some headphone stands do not charge multiple devices simultaneously, so make sure to check the multi-device charging feature before making the purchase decision.

Charging with USB 2.0 & 3.0:

Most headphones have standard USB charging with USB 2.0 or 3.0. The USB 2.0 ports are standard USB ports,

and you will get normal speed while transferring data and while charging, but you will get a great speed with USB 3.0 ports for transferring data, whereas charging will be standard.

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How to buy a Wooden Headphone Stands?

Wooden Headphone Stand

If you are willing to match more natural tones of your office or bedroom, then wooden headphone stands are an ideal option.

Wooden headphone stands are suitable to fit your textured wooden desk.

Build Quality:

When it comes to the build quality of wooden headphone stands, you have to make sure that you are buying a headphone stand made of natural wood.

There is no specific wood we could name here so that you can buy any stand with good reviews.


There are not many choices to make for design when it comes to wooden headphone stands.

Most of them have a typical structure to hang the headphones. However, you can buy headphones with some unique finish such as black walnut finish, etc.

Cable Management:

Most of the wooden headphone stands have limited features. However, cable management is a common feature in wooden stands.

But make sure to check the cable management feature before making the final decision.

Charging: As wooden headphone stands have limited features, you will not easily find wooden headphone stands with charging features.

You must do some research if you want a wooden headphone stand with a charging feature.

Connectivity: Again, the wooden stands have limited features, so not many wooden headphones stand have connectivity features such as a USB hub or AUX port.

If you want such features, then you should choose metal or plastic headphone stands.

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How to buy a Wall-Mounted Headphone Stands?

Wall-Mounted Headphone Stands

Wall-mounted headphone stands are not very common among gamers and office users,

but these are ideal if you are running low on the budget. These are cheap and affordable alternatives to the expensive headphone stands.


The wall-mounted headphone stands have a standard working principle. You have to drill in your wall, and then you can hang your headphone over these headphone hangers.

Due to the standard working principle, you can find various designs in wall-mounted headphone stands.


The wall-mounted headphone stands are ubiquitous among budget users. These are pretty cheap and affordable for pricing,

but if you choose the premium design, you may have to pay a bit more than standard wall-mounted stands.

Connectivity and Charging:

The wall-mounted headphone stands do not contain any charging or connectivity features.

You will have to hang your headphones on the wall, so there is no way you can connect to them while sitting.

You should not expect connectivity and charging features from wall-mounted headphone stands as these are pretty cheap.

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How to buy Dual Hanger Headphone Stands?

dual headphone stands

If you own two or more sets of headphones and other gadgets such as gaming controllers, then the Dual hanger headphone stands are an ideal choice for you.

Design and Build Quality:

The dual hanger headphone stands are mostly made up of metal. These are pretty sturdy and stable.

If you invest in an excellent double hanger headphone stand, you will also get rubberized pads on the hangers.

When it comes to design, the dual hanger headphone stands are available in different designs and patterns.

Space Saver:

The dual-side headphone stands can save a lot of space on your desk. Some dual side hanger headphone stands can mount up to 6-8 headphones and devices, so these headphones are ideal if you have a small desk and want to save a lot of space.

Cable Management:

The dual side hanger headphone stands are not very good for managing wires and cable,

and some of them do not have cable management features, so do not consider these headphones if you want a clutter-free desk.

Connectivity and Charging:

Most of the dual-side hanger headphones do not come with charging and connectivity features.

However, if you buy a premium dual hanger headphone stand, you may get these features.

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How to buy a Gaming Headphone Stands?

Best Gaming Headphone Stands

The gaming headphone stands are among the best headphone stands for cable management, design, looks, and build quality.

These stands are constructed well, and most of them are entirely made up of metal. However, these stands are a bit on the expensive side as well.

Build and Design:

Gaming headphone stands are the best when it comes to durability, as you will hang a heavy headphone over the stand.

These headphone stands are made up of high-grade metal such as aluminum and have rubber paddings at the feet and hanger.

Again, the gaming headphone stands are great when it comes to design and looks. These types of stands have RGB LED lights and have unique designs.

Charging and Connectivity:

These headphone stands have standard USB charging, but you can also get some stands with fast charging.

Moreover, gaming headphone stands are also available with USB Type-C charging.

The gaming headphone stand has a USB hub where 2-4 USB ports will be available for connectivity.

You can connect your PC or laptop with these stands, and you can transfer data.

The gaming headphone stands, which have USB 3.0 connectivity, can provide you with up to 5 Gbps of speed in data transfer.

Cable Management:

Most of the gaming headphone stands contain cable management features so that you can easily hide wires and cable to make your setup neat and clean.

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How to buy Headphones and Controller Stands?

headphone and controller stand

The headphone and controller stands are a bit more on the pricier side, but these stands contain the most premium features such as cooling fans, multi-device charging, and more.

Design and Build Quality:

The headphone and controller headphones stand are constructed from metal, such as aluminum.

These stands have a unique design. However, the headphone and controller stands to take more space on the desk.

These stands are not minimal in design but look elegant and keep your desk clutter-free.

Charging and Connectivity:

The headphone and controller can charge your gaming controllers and headphones, but they cannot power your PS5.

A USB hub with a USB 2.0/3.0 port will be available in these stands. You can use these USB ports to charge your devices or to transfer data.

Moreover, an AUX port will also be available as well.

Mounting Features:

The best part of the headphone and controller stand is the mounting features. It can mount up to 2 controllers, a set of headphones, a PS5, and some game discs as well.

This way it can save a lot of space on the desk.

Cooling System:

One of the most premium features of these stands is the cooling feature.

As you will mount your PS5 on this stand, it will require some cooling to quickly and efficiently cool down the PS5. The headphone and controller stand will get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Headphone stand for budget users?

If you are running on a low budget and don’t want to invest a lot of money on a headphone stand, you can go with the wall-mounted or dual hangers headphone stands. These headphones are pretty cheap and affordable, and you can get different designs as well. However, you will not get premium features in these headphone stands.

Which headphone stand is suitable for mounting a PS5?

To mount PS5 on a stand, there are different stands available that are a bit pricy. On these stands, you can mount your PS5, gaming controllers, game discs, and headphones. These are built well and also contain cooling fans to cool down the PlayStation 5. Moreover, these stands can charge multiple devices at once.

What type of headphone stands are best?

It depends upon your usage and budget. If you want a sturdy headphone stand, then aluminum headphones stand is good. If you want a budget-friendly headphone stand, then wall-mounted and dual side hanger headphone stands are good, and so on.

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