6 Easy Ways | DIY Headphone Stands at Home

DIY Headphone Stand

It is easy to make a headphone stand, and you can make it yourself with some wood that you have ready in your workshop.

The materials are simple and affordable. You can choose the right dimensions for your headphones or even dedicate a space for three pairs of your friends.

These stands are also customizable, depending on the amount of money you want to spend on them.

Whether you only have a few headphones or a lot, you can make a stand for them by following one of these tutorials.

Everyone has different needs, and this guide should help you figure out how to make a stand that is most suited to your situation.

We hope it inspires you to make your own stand and customize it to suit your needs!

How to make a DIY Headphone Stand?

A DIY headphone stand is a great project to make if you like to get your hands dirty.

The list of materials and tools you need is short, and the plans are easy to follow.

I would recommend this project for beginners looking for their first DIY build.

Not only is this fun to make, but it’s also a time-saver in the long run because you cut back on the need to go searching for your headphones.

Plus, when they are on display in front of your desk or bedside table, you are more likely to remember to use them!

Now, let’s make DIY headphone stands with different supplies and materials.

6 Different Ways for DIY Headphone Stands

The wooden DIY Headphone Stand

To make this stand, you can use a saw to cut the wood after cutting it to the right size to make a wooden headphone stand.

But if you use a circular saw or a miter saw, it will be easier to make precise cuts at certain angles.


  • A Jigsaw
  • A Sander
  • Bar clamps
  • 3/4 plywood scraps and the size should be 10 x 5 1/2
  • Wood glue
  • 220 Grit sandpaper
  • A sponge to clean polyurethane
  • Three boards of 1×6 (5 1/2 feet wide). [Use this if you don’t have plywood]


1.   Take the pieces apart.

2.   Three pieces will be required, measuring 10 high x 5 1/2′ wide.

3.   Use 1/2-inch plywood scraps. Just cut four pieces.

4.   Now, you have to glue the boards.

5.   You can use wood glue to glue the three pieces of wood together into a block.

6.   And then, you can use glue to the top of each piece.

7.   Next, place the next block to glue on top.

8.   Spread the glue by moving it around.

9.   Also, make sure you join the pieces of wood, and they will move a little bit, so line them up once all pieces are joined.

Tip: Make sure the bottom side of all the wooden boards is aligned well. Else, the stand may not look professional. Also, you use shape all the 3 sides of the wooden board with the jigsaw, which looks good. The boards can have bad alignments during jigsaw, so only use the jigsaw after the glue is completely dried up.

●  Now, after all the boards are joined and clamped together, you must use the 3 bar clamps. Make sure that you don’t clamp the opposite side, you have to use 2 clamps on each side, and one clamp will go on the top.

●  All the wooden plywood pieces will make it easy for the stand to hold a heavy headphone set. So, whenever you use the glue, make sure to leave it overnight.

●  Next, you have to cut the shape of the stand.

●  Once the glue has dried, print out the design for the headphone stand and cut it out with a cutter or scissors.

●  Next, trace the design over a block of wood.

●  Trim around the design carefully using a jigsaw with a long blade made of wood.

●  Make the sides and edges smooth after the stand has been cut.

●  Begin with a lower grit and finish with 220 if your sides aren’t smooth after cutting.

Optional Steps:

Now, you have to customize the headphone stand in your own style. You have to use paint, stain to make the customized DIY headphone stand in your own way. Furthermore, you have to make polyurethane.

To make polyurethane, add a part water-based polyurethane and two parts odorless minerals. Now, use a disposable container to spirit the polyurethane, and then apply gently with a towel.

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DIY Headphone Stand: The Headphone Hanger

Make a DIY Headphone Stand in minutes that holds your headphones, provides easy access, and neat them. This headphone hanger will solve your problem of constantly searching for one’s headphones in the morning; this DIY headphone stand will keep your headphones within reach at all times.


  • A pencil to trace
  • A wooden cutter
  • A piece of which which is at least 1/4 thick and 3 x 3 long.
  • A scale or ruler
  • A sandpaper
  • Hot glue or wooden glue
  • Some clamps to hold the wood

Process: We made these headphones stand out of a block of wood. The base is made out of a 3″ x3″ cut from a larger block of wood. You have to sand the sides down to be flat and smooth before cutting your smaller piece.

1.   Figure out the length of your headphones. Add one inch to the pole.

2.   Mark the design with a pencil and cut it away with a cutter or scissors.

3.   You can then sand the stand and paint it. Wooden blocks need to be properly attached.

4.   Use the gun on the base to stuck it together with other parts.

5.   When the glue is applied, keep the base pressed tight for some time, or you can use the clamps to hold it. Clamps will hold the base perfectly, and it will be perfectly aligned.

6.   When the base is stuck, you have to glue the smaller wood on the top of the extended part and press it with your hands or clamps.

7.   Please ensure all the alignments are perfect.

8.   Now, take out your headphones and put them on the stand.

9.   That’s it. Enjoy!

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DIY Headphone Stand: The Minimalistic Stand

This headphone stand is a perfect way to show your headphones off or even a simple display piece.

This beautiful rack will help you store your headphones and stylishly display them.

This headset holder is made from Oak wood and finished with a dark stain for an elegant look.


  • A banana stand
  • Wooden dowel
  • Saw
  • Semi-gloss polyurethane
  • Sander
  • Epoxy glue

Process: Finding the banana stand is not very hard. You can get it at a local store.

We found this banana stand at a local store for $3, but you can use a banana towel stand instead, which is also readily available.

You have to make sure the stand you get should match the above shown in the image to be used as a headphone stand.

Moreover, the stand should be in good condition. It should not contain scratches and imperfections, and it should be above to stand properly on the flat surface.

1.   Use a wooden dowel for the top part of the stand.

2.   Hand saw a piece about 1.5″ long off of a stick, and it needs to be approximately 1.5″ long for this project.

3.   Now, you have to sand the dowel. To sand it, you can use a standard sander; we just have to make it look better along with an even surface.

You can check the image for reference purposes, and the dowel should look like the one shown in the image.

4.   The next thing you have to do after sanding is to drill the dowel to fit in the stand.

5.   The dowel must be clamped on both sides and hand drilled with a 1/4″ bit.

6.   For the adhesive to act as an insulator, it had to be applied thinly, evenly, and smoothly.

7.   The adhesive needed to dry and clear.

8.   Next, we have to finish the stand and attach the holder to it.

9.   To finish it off, you have to use semi-gloss polyurethane, which can be used after sanding the dowel. Make sure the coat is applied evenly, and remember the coat we are applying is just for protecting the dowel.

10.   As we said, the stand was pretty easy and simple to make.

11.   That’s it, enjoy!

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DIY Headphone Stand: PVC Stand

You can listen to your favorite music while looking at a piece of metal made into a beautiful and useful stand for your headphones.

This DIY headphone stand project only requires PVC tubing, elbows, and other basic woodworking tools.

The DIY Headphone stand is easy to make, stand with a modern-looking design. It’s cheap and has a solid construction.

Lightweight and portable, this stand is the perfect solution to keep your headphone neat and organized. This project will take a few minutes or hours and can be done by beginners.


  • 6 Elbows
  • PVC Tube
  • Cutting tool

Process: It is another easiest stand to make, and it requires six elbows, PVC tubing, and six elbows. It can store 2 headphones.

The measurement of the stand is 25 x 10 x 16 cm. After a cut, make sure to smooth the surface with sandpaper.

1.   Starting from a base of heavy-gauge PVC pipe, this sturdy headphone stand is easy to craft.

2.   Take your time cutting the pieces, and smooth sharp edges with sandpaper so everything will fit together easily.

3.   A cut-off wheel makes quick work of the metal fittings.

4.   Once you assemble the base with ½” slip fit elbows, slip the top into tee fittings to complete the structure.

5.   The stand is ready. Enjoy!

This headphone stand is surely an excellent homemade gift. You can apply all sorts of paints or coatings on it so that it looks better, brighter, and colorful.

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DIY Headphone Stand: Cloth cum headphone holder

The DIY Headphone stand ($2) was created to display your headphones more decoratively. The best thing about this headphone stand is that it costs less than $2. You have to look for a metal clothes hanger, pliers and a ruler to make this stand. This stand can also accommodate other kinds of earphones like noise-canceling ones.


  • Metal cloth hanger
  • Plier
  • Ruler
  • Binding wire or string


1.   For this project, you can bend the top of a clothes hanger to create a diagram for an ear of the headphone.

2.   Once that is done, twist the bottom part of the hanger into a circle that will attach to your headphones or earbuds.

3.   If there is enough material on the hanger to make the hook twice as big – try doing so – and make extra-large hooks – and – if all else fails – make two small ones and join them together with some leather-like material or string (paracord) and screw them back onto the main structure.

4.   It’ll be done at this.

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DIY Headphone Stand: The Cardboard Stand

No need to buy anything fancy. Here are the materials you will need: cardboard, hot glue sticks, scissors, a scissor, glue gun, and pencil. For a unique headphone stand – use a cardboard box of your choice.

The stand can be for any material such as cardboard, balsa wood, basswood, plywood, MDF board.

The durable materials can be used as well as thin aluminum and sheet metal. It’s best to choose a thin box with equal depth and width (length).


  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


●  Draw templates for your stand.

●  Transfer the templates to cardboard.

●  Make sure to cut out the design with a scissor.

●  Hot glue sticks can be used to attach the arms to your box.

●  Use paints, stickers, drawings, and other decorations.

If you’re really into headphones, then you’ll probably love these DIY headphone stands that you can make yourself.

These are simple enough to follow along, even if you’ve never made any DIY projects before.

We hope you enjoyed our quick and easy design. These DIY headphone stands would make a great addition to almost any workspace.

It’s also a cool way to display your headphones. Money well spent!

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