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Best triple Monitor stand

Multi-monitor setup has become very much common in every office and home.

During the pandemic, multi-monitor setup has become popular among those working from home.

Using an additional monitor will increase your working speed and allow you to multitask using your computer or laptop.

If you are planning to upgrade your existing setup and think of adding an additional monitor.

You need to consider a durable monitor stand to mount your monitor.

I am writing this article because the monitor stand market is very much diverse, consisting of hundreds of brands and models. 

In this situation, choosing a monitor stand can be very hard for people buying for the first time.

If you don’t consider quality stands, then you will see the problem of wobbling and shaking.

Therefore, today in this article, we have brought the 7 best triple monitor stands with their features pros and cons. 

HUANUO Full Motion Articulating triple mount Aluminum stand

HUANUO is the first triple monitor stands from HUANUO named brand.

The reason we consider this Stand is because of its affordable pricing and its durable built quality.

This Stand can easily withstand three monitors without wobbling and movement.

It can withstand a flat/curved/ LCD monitor between 17 to 32 inches without any problem. 

The Stand comes in three different colors black, white, and silver.

Furthermore, the Stand has a 45-degree downward tilt function and a 15-degree upward tilt function.

When it comes to height adjustment, you can increase a maximum of 16 inches, and the best thing about the Stand is that it can be swivel 360 degrees. 


1. It can withstand three monitor sizes, 17 to 32 inches. 

2. It has solid metal constructions. 

3. The Stand can be tilted and swivel 180 degree

4. Durable metal construction


1. Universal compatibility

2. It has affordable pricing when compared to other Stand

3. Steel padded base 


1. It consumes a-bit time when you are aligning your monitor

2. The plastic screw is used in the VESA mount

Tribesigns Triple 3 Shelf Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Length

Tribesigns is another best triple monitor stand that we can’t miss on our list.

Unlike other Stand Tribesigns is very different; it is a shelf rather than an adjustable Stand.

If you don’t like hanging monitor stands, then you can consider this Stand from Tribesigns. 

The Stand has got 3 shelves to hold the monitor, and you will get a spacious compartment under the Stand.

If you are tired of the clutter in your desk, then you can keep all your stuff under the Stand.

The Stand is made up of using durable engineered wood that can last for years without any problem. 

The Stand has got ergonomic height which will elevate the monitor viewing angle and reduce problems like back pain and eye strain. 


1. Customizable length minimum of 42 inches and maximum of 50 inches

2. Water-resistant body 

3. Easy to assemble and does not require drilling the hole for the screw

4. It can withstand up to three monitor stand


1. Adjustable length

2. Ergonomic viewing angle

3. Easy to assemble


1. Height cannot be adjusted

2. Wooden made

May Also Required:-

ECHOGEAR 3 Monitor Desk Stand with LockDown Clamp

ECHOGEAR 3 is one of the best multi-stands on our list.

The Stand comes with a lock-down clamp, which eliminates the wobbling and movement on the Stand.

If you are using three monitor stands of similar size and brand, then I will suggest you go with this Stand.

The Stand uses Aluminum and ABS plastic, which provides great durability in the long run. 

You can mount monitors up to 27 inches without any problem.

The Stand can be tilted up to 15 degrees and positioned vertical or horizontal within a minute.

The monitor has 360 butter-smooth movements, which you can adjust according to your needs. 

Before you make sure that your monitor has a VESA pattern. It can’t mount a monitor that doesn’t natively have a VESA pattern. 


1. It supports monitor up to 27 inches

2. It can mount up to 3 monitors at a time

3. 360 degrees of butter-smooth movement

4. Aluminum and EPS material


1. Lightweight Stand

2. Adjustable viewing angle

3. Durable build quality


1. There is no scratchpad in the base plate

WALI Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Fully Adjustable Stand

WALI Triple LCD monitor stand is a minimalist lightweight adjustable stand on our list.

The Stand is made up off using Aluminum and EPS plastic.

This gives great durability when you are mounting three stands at a time.

WALI Triple LCD stand is one of the flexible stands on our list. 

The Stand can be swivel 90 up and down. Similarly, you can also rotate one particular Stand by 180 degrees which lets you align the monitor left and right.

The stand height can also be adjusted up to 31.5 inches which lets you elevate height depending upon your comfort. 

Furthermore, the Stand also has a dedicated cable management clip where you can tie your monitor cable.

The Stand has two locking systems, C-Clamp and Grommet. Depending upon your table, you can consider any of these locks. 


1. The Stand can withstand three monitors, each weighing maximum of 22 lbs

2. You can mount a monitor having a maximum of 27 inches

3. The Stand can be rotated 360 degrees left and right and tilt 15 degrees up and down.

4. It has two locking systems, and it is compatible with a desk having 4 inches of thickness.


1. Easy to assemble

2. Universal compatibility with the monitor size up to 27 inches

3. Adjustable height

4. It is equipped with a cable management clip


1. It takes time to assemble the Stand and to adjust the viewing angle

2. A-bit pricy compared to other similar stands

HUANUO Heavy-duty Triple Monitor with Fully Adjustable Arm

This is another powerful triple monitor stand from HUANUO.

Setting a Tri-screen setup can be very challenging as it takes a lot of effort and can sometimes be infuriating.

HUANUO is a triple monitor stand that does not require setting and table clamping.

It is a standing stand and comes where you can mount three monitors between 12 to 24 inches. 

It is compatible with all the tables having 3 inches of thickness. Similarly, you can also adjust its height to 16.7 inches, depending on your table height. 

It is a very flexible Stand; you can tilt this Stand 180 degrees and 15 degrees back.

The Stand can swivel 90 per cent and can be easily rotated 360 degrees. You can place the monitor in both portrait and landscape orientation. 


1. Detachable design and requires assembly before it is fully functional

2. It is equipped with a cable clip where you can manage your monitor cable

3. Adjustable viewing angle

4. Standing design


1. Easy to assembly

2. It has Affordable pricing compared to other Stand

3. Space saver

4. Great cable management


1. Hard to align the monitor viewing angle

TechOrbits Triple Monitor Mount – Universal Desk Mount Arms

If you are looking for a stylish, lightweight, durable stand, then the TechOrbits Triple Monitor stand is for you.

It uses a heavy-duty aluminium stand, which makes it a durable Stand on our list.

This gives it string durability to withstand three monitors, each weighing 20 lbs.

TechOrbits is suitable for monitoring between 13 to 30 inches. 

The Stand has great flexibility as you can easily swivel and adjust the viewing angle based on your choice.

With smart swivel engineering self-balancing arms, you can turn your workspace productive and interactive.

The Stand only weighs 16.7 pounds, and it is very easy to assemble and adjust the monitor. 

The best thing about this Stand is it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Overall it is one of the best durable stands that you can consider at this price. 


1. It is compatible with all the monitors having 13-30 inch of size

2. It can withstand 20 lbs per arms

3. The stand arms are made up of using Aluminum and ABS plastic

4. Adjustable height


1. It has a lifetime warranty

2. Smart swivel technology that allows you to tilt your monitor in all the directions

3. Durable build quality 

4. Space saver


1. No cable management

Stand Steady 3 Monitor Mount Desk Stand with Adjustable arms

Stand Steady 3 is another monitor stand on your list. Stand Steady 3 is one of the best stands for anyone who is struggling with back pain when working on the computer.

The Stand has an adjustable height, and it is compatible with most monitors of 13 to 32 inches. 

This Stand can be clamped with all the tables having 4 inches of thickness.

The Stand has very lightweight and can be easily assembled without any need for additional tools. You will get all the required tools in the box to withstand. 

When it comes to building quality, this Stand is made using aluminium metal and abs plastic.

The Stand is fully adjustable as it spins 360 and swivels 180 degrees. This gives you great flexibility when you are working on three monitors. 


1. It can fit most of the monitors having 13 to 32 inches in length

2. The Stand has a fully adjustable angle

3. It comes with a detachable design 

4. The height of the Stand can also be adjusted 


1. Vesa Compatible 

2. Lightweight

3. Easy to adjust the viewing angle

4. Easy to assemble


1.     A-bit expensive when compared to other Stand 

LORYERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser

The LORYERGO is one of the most popular and most used stands which is designed for dual monitors.

This comes with so many premium features at an affordable price.

The best feature of this dual monitor stand is it comes with extra storage on the side of the stand.

You can store all the office things like a pen, paper, stapler and many other

You can also adjust the high of this stand to get the right posture and to get the comfort ness according to your need. It is very easy to install.


●  It comes with storage.

●  It is very easy to install.

●  It is suitable for dual monitor users.

●  It allows you to adjust the high and angle of this stand.


●  The build quality is average.

viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount

Vinzpn has also known the best stand in the market. It comes with a unique design that looks very attractive and makes your setup beautiful.

To give the study and stability to monitor it is made with high-quality aluminium.

This stand can be rotated to the monitor up to 360 degrees and also it allows you to adjust the high of this stand to give you the correct position.

Overall this monitor stand is excellent According to my research.

If you are searching for a unique stand design then this can be the perfect option.


●  It gives you the right and comfortable position of viewing.

●  It comes with high-quality durability.

●  It is suitable for 3 monitors.v


●  You cannot add 4 monitors and also it is not recommended.

SIIG Premium Aluminum Triple Monitor Stand

This SIIG also comes with a compact design and is made with aluminium giving durability and stability to your monitors. With the help of high adjustment features, you can adjust the high according to your comfort ness.

It also allows you to rotate up to 360 degrees. Which is the best part of this monitor stand.

You can mount 3 monitors without any problem. Overall this is also one of the best monitors stand on our list.


●  The body of this stand is fully aluminium.

●  It is very durable.

●  You can adjust the high according to your needs.

●  It needs low space in your setup.


●  It doesn’t come with a wall mount adaptor.

WESTREE Dual Monitor Stand Riser

Westree is the last monitor stand on our list. We have included this because of its offering features and premium design.

This monitor stand is suitable for triple monitors and looks very premium.

It comes with multiple functions riser. The best part of this monitor stand is it comes with a wood shelf riser which is suitable for a small office and give you the heavyweight capacity.


●  Excellent design.

●  It comes with a highly durable body.

●  It is suitable for 3 monitors.

●  It comes with a multi-functional riser.


●  It is not suitable for keeping curves monitored.


We can conclude, most of the monitors used to face the problem that they don’t have space to keep the more than 3 monitors in set-up in that place.

The monitor stand can be the perfect option. Above we have listed multiple 3 monitors stands you can choose any one of them according to your needs and budget.

Hope this article helps you a lot in finding the best monitor stand.


Does this monitor stand is suitable for mounting 4 monitors?

NO, all these monitors stand for mounting 3 monitors.

What’s the durability of this monitor stand?

The durability of this monitor stand is very excellent.

Can we adjust the high?

Yes, you can adjust the high according to your comfort ness.

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