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Best Foldable Laptop Stands

Whether you’re working from a coffee shop, library, or your home office, being able to stand while working instead of sitting can save you from the consequences of back, neck, and shoulder pain.

A foldable laptop stand gives you more flexibility in terms of working positions while keeping a steady posture. One of the best ways to use your laptop is on a raised surface.

What’s the best laptop stand or portable laptop stand in the market?

In this review, we’ve rounded up our picks for the top-notch, convenient foldable laptop that stands for use with your MacBooks, Pro and Air, Windows laptop, Chromebook – just about any computer!

Best of 11 Foldable Laptop Stands 2022

1. DUCHY Foldable Laptop Stand

The DUCHY Adjustable Laptop Stand is designed to elevate your laptop screen to eye level and provide a healthy viewing position.

The height of the laptop stand can be adjusted by a range of 11.8 to 22 inches.

It is suitable for all 17-inches/ 18-inches/ 20-inches/ 21-inches/ 24-inches laptops, and fits for Apple MacBook Pro / Air / Retina, PC, HP, Dell, Lenovo and other laptops in particular.

It is made with high-quality steel, and the laptop stand provides an extra heavy-duty holder for any laptop up to 13 lb; good craftsmanship ensures.

Its unique rubber sole design provides anti-slip feet and prevents your laptop from moving while you work.

The heat vent design helpfully directs the hot air produced by your device away from you to avoid any uncomfortable heating issues.

It also comes with a carrying strap, allowing you to take it everywhere with ease.


●  Holding capacity up to 13 lbs

●  Available in 5 variants

●  Made of industry-grade aluminum

●  Neat and delicate looks

●  Rustproof

●  Scratch proof


●  Multi-use and practical

●  Sturdy and stable

●  Foldable and portable

●  Wide compatibility


●  No cons seen so far

Why should you buy it?

If you want a stand that has an ergonomic design, optimized comfort with a tilt feature, then this is the best foldable laptop stand for you.

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2. Basics Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand

The Amazon Basics portable and foldable aluminum laptop support stand raise your laptop to a more ergonomic height, doing typing for long periods more comfortable and alleviating the strain on your wrists. Set up is quick and easy.

The laptop support stand is lightweight, small, and constructed from durable aluminum material.

It’s perfect for college students, business people, writers, or anyone who uses their laptop daily.


●  Premium grade laptop stand

●  Compatible with up to 15 inches laptops

●  Available in 2 variants

●  Made of aluminum

●  Non-slip rubber padding

●  Air circulation


●  Durable and lightweight

●  Rubber foot

●  Ventilation


●  A little heavier to carry

Why should you buy it?

For added comfort, the stand has two height settings (12 inches) and it supports laptops up to 15 inches, making it the best foldable laptop stand.

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3. Lamicall Foldable Laptop Riser

The new Lamicall Laptop Riser Stand Portable is the ultimate portable laptop stand to elevate your laptop to eye level, featuring a foldable design for easy storage and traveling, great for adjusting viewing angles for better ergonomics and improved productivity.

Its modern and ergonomic design adapts to your needs, giving you a productive and comfortable work environment.

This laptop riser helps you get the best position while sitting in front of a computer desk and effectively reduce back pains without breaking your bank.


●  Holds a variety of devices

●  Compatible with MacBook Air, Pro, Dell, HP

●  Available in 2 variants

●  Height adjustable

●  Suitable for tablets


●  Wide compatibility

●  Sturdy and secure

●  Foldable and portable


●  No cons so far

Why should you buy it?

If you need a stand that is affordable and comes from a brand like Lamicall, this is the best option for you.

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4. Lifelong Foldable Laptop Stand

This lightweight and durable portable laptop stand can be placed on your desk and adjusted to any height between 1 inch and 20 inches.

It also fits both laptops and MacBooks 10 15 17 inches in screen size as it sits between the screen hinges for safety.

You can lean back on your chair, relax your arms and legs, or stretch them out when using your computer using this laptop stand.

The ergonomic design for both computer and laptop makes it wonderfully simple to get the best ergonomic posture for you.

Taking up less space than a book, it’s an ideal portable laptop stand and laptop holder for your desk or countertop.


●  Adjustable height up to 20 inches

●  Compatible with MacBooks and tablets

●  Recommend to use with desk

●  Holding capacity up to 17 inches

●  Rises to 20 length settings


●  Universal support

●  Easily adjustable

●  Ergonomic stand


●  No cons so far

Why should you buy it?

If you require a stand that can hold a heavy laptop, this is an ideal choice.

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5. Nexstand Laptop Foldable Stand

The Next and Laptop Stand is a portable laptop stand that can be used anywhere and everywhere!

Whether at home, the office, or on a plane, the nexstand laptop stand helps you type faster, more accurately, and with more comfort – especially when you’re in either of two ergonomically correct positions recommended by experts.

In this way, your laptop has become the most comfortable and ergonomic computer keyboard/mouse you’ve ever used!

This stand brings stability and style to your workspace by allowing you to adjust your laptop’s height, tilt, and angle so that you are at ease either sitting or standing.

Nexstand is made from sturdy aluminum alloy with rubber feet and silicone tips to stay put on your desk, workstation, or kitchen countertop.


●  Premium laptop stand

●  Made of nylon

●  It fits almost all devices

●  1 inch thick

●  Adjustable up to 11 inches in height

●  7 adjustment settings


●  Compact and lightweight

●  Foldable, durable, and stable

●  Adjustment options


●  Quality is not robust

Why should you buy it?

If you need a stand that comes with multiple adjustment options, it is a great deal for you.

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6. Foldable Brocoon Laptop Stand

The Brocoon laptop stand is a portable, height-adjustable laptop stand with an ergonomic aluminum alloy structure and rubber mats to protect laptops from scratches.

When placed on the table, it can be used for enjoying videos or typing texts.

You can also set it up like a laptop screen to share information with other people in your office or family.

It also helps reduce muscle and joint pain caused by hunching over while typing at a low desk.

This laptop stand has two modes to cater to the different position preferences between sitting upright and leaning back in your chair.

The second mode will allow you to adjust your screen at a downward angle, perfect for viewing while lying flat on your back.


●  Made up of high-quality aluminum

●  Compatible with 10 to 17 inches laptops

●  Available in 4 variants

●  Matches all setup and workstations

●  Z-type form factor


●  Adjustable height

●  Angle adjustments

●  Premium build

●  Multi-use


●  Stiff and pinchy

Why should you buy it?

If you need a stand that comes with a Z form factor, this stand is suitable for your needs.

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7.Shelcone Foldable Laptop Stand

This Portable Laptop Stand is constructed of polycarbonate to be shatter-proof and lightweight (5.5 lbs).

It has a foldable design which allows the stand to be neatly stored in a carrying bag.

The stand is designed with a 360-degree rotation, allowing you to adjust your laptop to any angle you want, whether sitting or standing.

The rubber pads at the bottom of the base can help prevent slipping and protect your laptops from scratch.

Silicone 2021 Notebook Riser will give you an elevated and ergonomic experience working on your laptop for long hours.

The collapsible multi-angle aluminum stand is designed for laptops and notebooks from 11 to 17 inches in screen.

Set it up at any angle between 0 to 45 degrees on a flat surface.

The ergonomic sliding tray notebook platform keeps you comfortable and focused for endless hours of work or fun-switching to a tablet mode when you take short breaks.


●  Suitable for laptops from 11 to 17 inches

●  Available in 2 color options

●  Compatible with laptops and tablets

●  Made of high-grade aluminum

●  Highly adjustable


●  Fully compatible with a variety of devices

●  Ergonomic design

●  Collapsible and portable

●  Durable


●  It requires both hands to adjust

Why should you buy it?

If you need a foldable laptop stand that is made of high-grade material and matches your setup, it is a great option.

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8. Omoton Foldable Laptop Stand

The new generation of ergonomic laptops stands by OMOTON will improve your work efficiency.

Not only can you quickly seat your laptop with one-hand operation, but also the height of its backrest is easily adjustable with a 360°rotating knurled knob, so it’s great for collaborative work.

The new laptop stand accommodates all laptops up to 16 inches and allows it to rotate at 3 different angles, providing you with a better viewing angle.

With a sturdy yet lightweight design, this laptop stand allows you to easily fold it after use, saving lots of storage space.

With its sleek and innovative design, it rises from 20° to 35° to become the perfect height for sharing ideas within a team.


●  Branded laptop stand from OMOTON

●  Suitable for desk

●  Made of high-quality aluminum

●  360 rotational

●  Heat dissipation


●  Rotatable stand

●  Ergonomic design

●  Protective stand for fragile laptops


●  It requires an external keyboard to use the laptop

Why should you buy it?

The ergonomic laptop riser is designed to reduce neck, back, eye strain, and discomfort from long hours of typing. After use, just fold up the laptop stand for space-saving storage.

9. Stoon Foldable Laptop Stand

STOON Foldable Stand enables you to easily adjust the device for ergonomic viewing with a height that suits you.

This laptop stand allows for ventilation and protects your desktop space for a cleaner desk with a smart, functional design.

The anti-skid feet prevent the device from accidentally falling off your desk or table and are suitable for all laptops 10-16″ in size.

Includes an adjustable laptop security screw to keep the laptop secure.

The problem that all laptop users have experienced: placing the laptop on a flat desk will cause eye fatigue; placing the laptop directly in front of you will cause arm/shoulder pain and neck ache.

Now there is a better solution. STOON Laptop Stand is an ergonomic Aluminum folding stand for your laptop that allows you to type at an elevated position which is healthier for your neck, back, arms and eyes; placing it in front of you allows you to use both keyboard and mouse with ease.


●  Ventilation for heat dissipation

●  Compatible with Macbook Air, Pro, and Dell

●  Supported width: 16 inches

●  Anti-scratch

●  Anti-sliding feature


●  Stable and sturdy

●  Cooling and ventilation

●  Portable

●  Wide compatibility


●  A little shaky

Why should you buy it?

If you need a highly durable laptop stand that protects your laptop, the Stoon laptop stand is a great option.

10. FlexVerk Foldable Laptop Stand

The FlexVerk portable laptop riser stand is an adjustable notebook stand that makes computing comfortable and ergonomic throughout the day.

It’s useful in homes and offices (or wherever you need to pull up a notebook) – when you don’t have a table or chair handy, when sitting on the couch watching television, in bed, at the office.

The FlexVerk Portable Laptop Riser Stand is an ergonomic laptop stand that promotes better posture while using a laptop computer.

It’s built with innovative and creative minds, giving those who like to look outside the box new ways to work, live and play.


●  Compatible with Macbook Pro and Air

●  Suitable for tablets

●  Holding capacity up to 16 inches

●  Available in 3 color options

●  Ergonomic design


●  Durable and reliable

●  Prevents overheating

●  Foldable and portable

●  Multi-use and practical


●  A little heavy

Why should you buy it?

This ergonomic laptop stand is ultra-portable and foldable to fit into any bag or sleeve, so it is ideal for everyone looking for a lightweight stand.

11. Ergonomics Foldable Laptop Stand

This portable laptop stand offers a comfortable and ergonomic solution to your viewing needs.

With its dual phone holders, you can use it to watch movies and type with your keyboard.

Two angles were prepared for the best viewing experience. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and supports up to 10-17 inch laptops.

This stand is specially designed for laptops and any portable device that features a width of 10 inches to 17 inches.

This multifunctional adjustable stand can be used to hold your laptop at several different viewing angles,

with the convenience of two phone holders and a pen holder so you can work anywhere you want.

The sturdy metal legs allow for an extra-wide range of viewing angles, and the dual phone holders can fit all smartphones.


●  Made of silicone material

●  3.0-ounce weight

●  Heat vent to decrease heating when gaming

●  Wide compatibility

●  Holding capacity up to 17 inches


●  Lightweight design

●  Sturdy construction

●  Suitable for most places

●  Flexible


●  No cons observed so far

Why should you buy it?

If you need a stand that can be carried away, then this lightweight and portable laptop stand, phone holder, and cooling pad is small enough to take anywhere––all you have to do is roll it up.


As we mentioned above, there are numerous stand choices for your laptop device. Find a stand that has the adjustability and portability you need for your device, and go from there. Although the DUCHY adjustable laptop stand is our most recommended model, anything you find that fits this broad description should be very good for you.

The stand can be adjusted to various angles, making it easy to use in several situations. It is relatively lightweight to be transported from room to room or carried on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best foldable laptop stand?

When it comes to the best foldable laptop stand, then DUCHY stand wins the title.

How to choose the best laptop stand?

To choose a laptop stand, look at the features, pricing, availability, and build quality.

What is the purpose of a laptop stand?

Laptop stands are meant to improve your body posture and boost your productivity.

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